Red Wine Logistics


JVL aims to provide the “End to End” wine logistics solution towards supplier, wholesaler and retailer;
For supplier, we are helping :

   1) Air / Sea freight solution to achieve the cost effectiveness;
   2) Custom clearance from overseas to China;
   3) Platform to link up with the wholesaler
   4) Temperature controlled warehouse in Hong Kong and Bonded logistics area;

For wholesaler and retailer, we are helping:

   1) Provide the tailor made delivery services to cater the business needs;
   2) Provide the HK, Macau, China storage and delivery services;
   3) Cooperate with different parties on wine exhibition
   4) Provide B2B or B2C local delivery services.

Our professional team understood the requirement of special handling to wine
especially to temperature, humidity and fragility. Our professional knowledge and
door-to-door service make us the choice for many renowned customers.

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