Repair Logistics Support


JVL aims to provide professional repair logistics services that allow companies to maximize
their product expertise and equipment usage , while reducing the inventory and
transportation costs. We are supported by a professional team to serve our customers;
Multi-national IT Company is our key customer.

We offer :
   1) RMA (Return Material Authorization) OEM handling
   2) Product screening
   3) Spare part sourcing;
   4) Recycling and WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment).
   5) Issuing repairable goods to supplier;
   6) Serially tracking of repair return goods from supplier;
   7) Onsite machine repair through the collaboration with our repair subsidiary

Our excellent repair and reverse logistics brings profitability through below mentioned key steps:
   - Establishing the returns process as a high-priority;
   - Realizing the critical nature of the returns process and treating returns as perishable assets; and
   - Utilizing technology to evaluate at the point of Site/ Customer returns.

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